Renovation Tips

I recently met with clients who purchased a home earlier this year and planned to do an extensive renovation to meet their needs and requirements. To say the renovation project has been stressful and over budget is an understatement and I thought I’d offer a few tips and suggestions on how to avoid as many problems as possible when it comes to renovating your home no matter how small or how big the project is

  1. put everything in writing
  2. do not work on a cash only basis- get receipts and keep a record of payments made to your contractor (this will be important if there are any disputes during the project)
  3. get written quotes from at least 3 different contractors before proceeding
  4. heed the expression "you get what you paid for"
  5. make sure instructions given to a contractor are clear and fully understood
  6. do not assume anything!!
  7. be sure to ask your contractor how often will they be working at your house. They may have several projects on the go and leave your job for days!
  8. pay your agreed to contract price in installments- pay once certain tasks/objectives have been met/completed
  9. click here for further information from CMHC Canada