The Home Buying Process
There are many steps involved in the buying process and at times it can be very overwhelming. Let an experienced Real Estate Agent like Dave Holt guide you thru the process from start to finish and you’ll be happy you did!
Your Real Estate Agent 

Like any important purchase you should gather as much information as you can first about the Buying process. There’s an expression that says “an informed consumer is a wise consumer” and just like there’s lousy doctors and lousy lawyers, there’s lousy Real Estate Agents. Make sure you meet with more than one Agent and select an Agent who you trust and who you feel is going to work for your best interests. You may not be able to determine this right away and that’s why it’s important to spend as much time as you feel is necessary to ensure your Agent is the right person for you and never sign anything unless you’re ready to do so.  You should never feel pressured or rushed by your Agent during the buying process. Your Agent should respect and understand that purchasing a home is most peoples’ single largest investment in their lifetime
In most cases the Buyer does not pay their Real Estate Agent- the Buyers Agent is paid by the Seller. Sellers today are choosing to sell their home privately (FSBO) and attempt to save as much of the commission as possible. Selling your home privately is not for everyone however there people who have had success selling privately.
There may be occasions where you may want to view a home that’s for sale privately. In that case your Agent will advise you that the Seller may not be willing to pay a commission in which case if did decide you wanted to submit an offer to purchase the home then you may be responsible for paying a portion or all of the commission