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I hope you will find useful and informative. As we all approach that stage when stairs become our enemy or our current home is too large or maybe we want to be closer to our kids (Grandkids) it’s important to have an idea of what type of homes are out there
Typically the Condo aspect becomes important- after all who wants to continue cutting the grass or shoveling snow if you don’t have to?? At this “age and stage” most people prefer not to have to worry about cutting the grass, shvde upkeep or maintenance responsibilities and a Condo can offer all of that and more.
There comes time when we’ll have to make a decision to downsize- whether it’s because your current home is too large or you want to be closer to your kids or maybe you need everything all on one floor (main floor living). Whatever the reason all that matters is what’s right for you. There are 4 segments of Condos to choose from when planning to downsize and a brief description of each is below 

Condo Bungalows/Bungalofts
I’ve found that many of my clients who are downsizing prefer to a condo set up rather than freehold for the simple reason that they don’t have to worry about cutting grass or shoveling snow or any other maintenance/upkeep tasks required when you own a freehold home. When thinking about a condo, many of us think about Condo apartment and while we’ve become very familiar with that concept in the GTA over the past 25 years, there’s a wonderful alternative known as Condo Bungalows which provides the condo aspects without having to deal with underground parking and elevators or paying for amenities that most of us will never use.
Condo Bungalows offer more living space compared to a Condo plus there’s usually a basement which provides room for storage (that may not always be a good thing). Many of the Condo Bungalows are located in small, safe, well maintained complexes which is ideal for those who prefer the “lock and go” lifestyle.
Unfortunately the Condo Bungalow segment is not as active compared to other and as such when a unit is listed for sale, buyers have to react fairly quickly both in terms of viewing a property and then deciding whether to submit an offer
It’s never too soon to start thinking about when and where you’d like to live- especially since you’ve likely got plenty of things that can either be given to your kids, thrown out, donated or sold
I have a particular focus on the Condo Bungalow concept and I’ve listed each complex and provided a brief overview of each complex in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton (Ancaster) as well as Guelph. 
Low Rise (Boutique) Condo
A low rise Condo may be another format for consideration when planning to downsize. A Low rise or Boutique Condo can/may be defined by a maximum number of units or floors in the building and typically they offer a more intimate setting with less amenities compared to Condo towers. The other benefit is shorter wait times for the elevator and lower maintenance fees.
Hi Rise Condo
There are many hi rise buildings in Mississauga to chose from however I’ve selected several buildings that are geared more towards a senior clientele in terms of services offered and residents that live there. Each of these buildings offer 24 hr concierge, scheduled activities
Condo Townhome (with elevator)
A final option to consider may be to purchase a traditional multi level Condo townhome that offers an ensuite elevator. There are a couple of Condo Townhome complexes in Mississauga that have Townhomes with their own elevator
t live there. Each of these buildings offer 24 hr concierge, scheduled activities